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Our Focus

We believe in hard work consistently..


  • E-Commerce
  • Web/Mobile Apps
  • Web/Mobile Design
  • Web Programming
  • Desktop applications

Online Marketing

  • PPV Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Search Engine Mktg
  • Display/Banner Mktg


  • Logo Design Pro
  • 3D Animation Pro
  • Business Card/Flyer
  • Cartoons/Caricatures
  • Presentation/Info-graph


  • Career Advice
  • Business Plans
  • Market Research
  • Branding Services
  • Financial Consulting

What Actually We Do ? Well.. we do a heck of things everyday, the favorite one is Affiliate Marketing. We just pick a product/service and promote/advertise them online to the targeted audience worldwide using different advertising stratagies like PPC, PPV, RTB etc. Want to know more about our work..

About Us

We have something to brag about..
"doing right things in a right way at the right time is called success"

Crossbill Media started in the year 2011 with a small idea of doing something online with four desperate poor guys. It took almost two years to learn every ins-outs of internet thing and interestingly during the testing phase we managed to generate more than Rs.1 Crore of sales (Physical Products only) in markets like USA, UK, CANADA, SPAIN, ITALY & GERMANY. Then we decided to move to next level by joining CPA Networks to play with Affiliate Marketing, there also we got an outstanding results in a very short time frame.

In Sep'2013 we became a Private Limited Company, registered under the Companies Act 1956 and listed in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.

Yes we learn, we create, we fail, we struggle, we do mistakes, we invent new ways, we just do everything we can to overcome every hurdles, Because we're Entrepreneurs. We're doing our best in everything to make our company Successful.

  • Expertise #1

    Web Development

  • Expertise #2

    Online Marketing

  • Expertise #3

    Graphic Design

  • Expertise #4



Don't be surprise! We're just real persons like you & others..with a different goal in our life.
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Hi, i’m a dreamer as well as a dream dealer. Recently certified as an accredited professional from Microsoft BingAds, studying Real Time Bidding strategies and more. Want to be the next big player..
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Hi, i love to play with knowledge and wisdom..can you help? Currently i’m playing with Social PPC.. just take few more days to suck the juice & which’ll help me take my business to the next level..
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Hi, I’m a good persuader. I just make people to do anything for nothing. I think this skill will help me to tap the global audience for my business. Expert in User Behavior, Demographic Targeting and Campaign Data Analysis..
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Hi, i’m a silent learner. Love to wait for good things patiently. Good at Designing, Offer Selection, Market Research, Campaign Optimization and learning more to add more to my skills..
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Its an Opening. We’re looking for an Executive to further our business. Are you Beautiful and Smart enough to deal with us, then Scroll Down to Contact us right now ………please.
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Hi, i’m new to this business. Hope to get the things shortly. As an economic student, i’m having my eyes on investment and return. One thing i can say confidently that we’re going to be the next big thing in the town..very soon.
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Its an Opening. We’re looking for an Executive to further our business. Are you Beautiful and Smart enough to deal with us, then Scroll Down to Contact us right now ………please.


Look! What our cliants has to say about our work & dedication..

So..whats in our BLOOD ? A: Targeting Criteria, Data-driven Advertising, Campaign Strategies, Performance Goals, Media Planning, Brand Recognition, Customized Campaigns, Behavioral Targeting , Cost Effectiveness , Campaign Performance, Targeting Rules, Display Advertising, Contextual Targeting, Relevancy Score, Conversion Tracking, Campaign Statistics, Performance Indicator, Programmatic Media Buying, Real-Time Bidding(RTB), Demand-Side Platform(DSP) and more..

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